Website Relaunch!

picture of success

I’ve had a lot of questions about what happened to my website over the last year, and I’ve finally dedicated the time to securing it and reloading as many of the posts as I could.  I also made sure I updated the User Experience and overall performance while I was at it.

All our sites are now using LiteSpeed servers and everything seems to be working correctly both on the servers and at Cloudflare.

I’ll be trying to churn out a couple of posts a week and hopefully a video or two here and there.  I promise to try and keep them relevant and entertaining.

Lots of things had broken on this site since it’s initial launch in 2017.  Links, theme updates, and all the rest just stopped working. Eventually the internal linking between pages failed due to a bad update and nothing would load – I had to wipe the whole thing and recover what I could.  SO… I got mad at it and just walked away for while.

I hate the term “the new normal”

Once covid hit, the need for a functional online platform increased and I started working on fixing both the business website and my personal blog.  At some point in the process, I decided to pivot (like many other small businesses) and to use this blog as less strictly business and more “a little bit of everything”.  If you don’t have ADHD like I do, you probably don’t completely get where I’m coming from.

Cornerstone and evergreen content that was posted here is largely gone, I have to rebuild a lot of it from scratch.  I never bothered saving my posts anywhere but online, and the time machine didn’t crawl my site for almost a year so everything I made in 2019 is just poof…gone.  I recovered what I could from social media and here I am.  Hopefully you’ll join me for this ride, I’m trying to get some more activity here to bring some humor and information to what many see as a boring industry. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll be trying to churn out at least a post a week and hopefully a video or two here and there.  I promise to try and keep them relevant and entertaining.   As of the date of this post, the company site is still down for development and I’m tempted to scrap it completely and get something up on a WordPress platform…Wish me luck!

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