Andy McQuade

Helping You Create Value

In todays turbulent times, you need to be agile in order to adapt to a quickly changing market and resilient so you can weather the inevitable storms.  
I help business leaders achieve their goals, create real business sustainability, and maximize performance.

A few of my clients

Topics I Discuss



Inspire success by managing outcomes and not by micromanaging processes.



Understand where you are, what resources you have available, and how to use them to achieve your goals.


Sales & Marketing

Know your customer, know your buyer, know your product and know how it helps them.


Real Estate

New construction, renovation, housing, accessibility, market trends, inflation and pricing – focused on improving NOI.


Supply Chain

The unprecedented disruption to the supply chain requires both strategy and agility.


Building Materials

Availability, price, quality and service have all been a challenge since 2020.



Sustainability should help your business thrive during challenging times.


The TCO Method™

My upcoming book series and educational courses minimize your Total Cost of Ownership.

About Me

I’m Andy,
and I help people do better.

A few years ago. I left my W-2 job and career in sales leadership to help people improve the performance of their real estate operations.

Little did I know that I would be starting a business just prior to the largest social and economic disruption in modern times.

I quickly found myself pivoting my business model and working with owners and executives to help them adapt to the new normal and to prepare for the future.

Andy on the phone taking notes

Change is hard, but it's a necessary part of growth.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different outcome.


What My Clients Are Saying

Image of Teresa Williams
“Andy helped my company build a program that resulted in cost savings and better efficiencies in our workflows. I would highly recommend his services."

Teresa Bracht-Williams
- Senior Director of Compliance

Image of Lou Spalla
"Andy worked with us to find over six figures in annual savings without having to reduce headcount or slash budgets. He knows where we leave money on the table."

Lou Spalla, Property Manager
- The Reserve at Mill Creek, Erie PA

About The TCO Method™

In the last five years of my sales career, I found success by showing customers how using certain services, products, and operational standards could improve their bottom line.

Not only were they unaware of what they were leaving on the table, but they were unaware of how the choices they made for CapEx, Maintenance, and Turns could their P&L over time.

This pattern helped me build relationships with owners and operators of real estate nationwide, working with their teams to increase their NOI while hitting business goals for compliance, risk management, and sustainability.

After launching my own consulting operation in 2019 and working with the real estate industry full-time, I realized that many owners and operators purchased based on budget, need, availability and curb appeal with almost no thought towards the long-term impact those choices made on their business.

The clients who did have a procurement function used it as a cost center and not a unit that solved business problems or added value to the overall operation of their companies. 

Image of Andy McQuade

Over the last several years, I developed frameworks for my clients that turned into The TCO Method™, a strategy and decision making process that focuses on the Total Cost of Ownership for a project, property or portfolio.

The TCO Method™ turns their procurement operation into a profit center and integrated business unit.  It adds significant NOI to their assets, helping them hit compliance and sustainability goals, reduces costs, addresses risk management, and improves their product lifecycle.

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